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History of faculty

The Faculty of Civil Engineering was established in Prague as a part of the Railway University in 1953. The Railway University had five new faculties; one of them was the Faculty of Civil Engineering. This university was relocated from Prague to Žilina and changed its name to the Technical University of Transport. The Faculty of Transport joined our faculty and both created the new Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport in 1961. The new independent Faculty of Civil Engineering was re-built in 1990. At present the faculty has eight departments, Centre of Excellence in Transport Engineering, Centre for Applied Research, Research and Education Centre for Young Researches VYCEN and Accredited laboratory. The core field of the faculty is education in the fields of transport engineering for construction design, reconstruction and maintenance of railway tracks, roads, highways, urban roads, bridges and tunnels. At present, about 900 full-time students and 40 doctoral students study at the faculty. Students from abroad can participate in both forms of study. The credit system of study has been applied to all courses of study since 1995. This system widens the possibilities for our students to realize their own ideas about their professional profile. In its research and professional activities, the faculty is interested in solving theoretical problems of designing transport structures, modelling, strain analysis and computer based numerical calculations. Significant results have been achieved in the theoretical analysis, measuring and diagnostics of transport structures subjected to dynamic loading.
Written by Janka Šestáková Monday, 26 September 2016 08:32