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Foreign students admission

Foreign applicants are admitted to studies on the basis of relevant international agreements or they study as self-payers (remittance of study fees). The amount of study fees for the foreign students for the particular academic year is specified in the separate directive of the University of Žilina and is published on the university website. Study fees are not paid by the inhabitants of the countries of the EU, foreigners with residence in an EU member state and inhabitants stated in § 92 section 9 of the Act. Applicants without fluent knowledge of Slovak or Czech language are required to pass language training course (there is a possibility to attend the course at the University of Žilina). Applicants from the Czech Republic can submit application form valid in the Czech Republic.

If you have any questions and please contact the Vicedean for development and foreign relations or Vicedean for education.

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Uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní získaných v zahraničí

Uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní 1. a 2. stupňa vydaných na zahraničných vysokých školách

Žiadosť o uznanie dokladu o vzdelaní  :: docx ::

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Študijný program Civil Engineering

Akreditovaný študijný program bakalárskeho štúdia staviteľstvo zabezpečuje Stavebná fakulta aj v anglickom jazyku - študijný program Civil Engineering.
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